Mission & Vision


  • Providing products in highest quality in best prices.
  • Meeting with our client’s expectations as soon as possible with our innovative company principle.
  • Producing environmental friendly, clean and healthy products as a result of our social responsibilities
  • Protecting our natural sources and using them as efficient as possible.
  • Increasing mine exportation potential, marketing in international sector.
  • Training personnel to satisfy the needs of Mining Sector.
  • With corporate development, quality, responsibility, our professional team and giving importance to customer satisfaction.


  • Maximum Efficiency, High Quality
  • Engineered Mineral Solution
  • Expanding the future of Perlites Since 1982
  • Quality you can trust
  • Beautiful Gardens, Superior Construction, Eco Friendly Products, Industrial Efficiency
  • Discover the power of perlite
  • The Leading Manufacturer of Perlite Products Since 1982