Perlite Ore

Perlite means pearl stone and it is glassy volcanic rock with different colors from gray to black tones. Perlite takes the name of ORE PERLITE from here. Breaking rough perlite in desired dimensions and sizing them by sieving is named as CLASSIFIED PERLITE.

Perlite ore is formed by magmatic processes, during this process, water is entrapped in the perlite matrix over geologic time periods. These microscopic pockets of water give perlite ore it’s unique ability to “pop” under proper high-temperature conditions.

All perlite ore contain very low or non-detectable crystalline silica contents in comparison to other industrial minerals. In its unprocessed state, it is usually light gray in color.

The expansion and insulating properties of perlite ore make it suitable for use in high-temperature applications, particularly in the steel and foundry industries.



Our company sells ore perlite for different kind of purposes such as sand blasting, foundry, steel industries, slag coagulant, special casting sand and mixtures, silica sources and other industries in domestic and international markets…

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